Our Technologies

UI development
The interface of your project.
Front-end web development requires a careful balance between elegant design, speed, and user-friendliness. Our front-end developers work hard to ensure that your project looks and performs flawlessly with all operating systems, browsers and devices. We stay on top of new tools and technologies to satisfy your requirements.
Front-end technologies we employ: JS6/7, React/React Native, Redux/Flux/GraphQL/Apollo, CSS3/Styled Components/SASS, Jest js/Nightwatch js.
Back-end development
The heart and soul of your project.
Server-side scripting is used to develop scripts and commands to run on a web server. Our team employs server-side languages that produce a customized response for client's every request on the website. Through immaculate programming, we make sure your customers’ needs are always met.
Server-side technologies we employ: PHP (Laravel), Node.js.
Deployment Tools and Version Control System
The most efficient way of developing your project.
DevOps tools are utilized at different stages of software and web development to shorten the development cycles, increase deployment frequency, and ensure timely release. We employ various Ops technologies in the process of coding, testing and releasing the project. These tools are also used for continuous monitoring and configuring of the completed project.
DevOps technologies we employ: Git VCS(Github, Bitbucket), Cloudflare/Envoyer.
Data storage
The strong foundation of your project.
The basic functionality of your project will require a relational database to function in sync with a database engine and a search engine. Our developers create the best databases, custom-tailored to meet your project’s objectives and specifications. All data are carefully structured and can be easily accessed and used for the smooth operation of your project.
Data storage technologies we employ: MongoDB, MySql, Elasticsearch.
QA Technologies
The flawless operation of your project.
The two-stage QA testing process we utilize ensures immaculate design and programming. Based on your needs, we can either provide manual testing, such as UX, GUI, API, system, functional, compatibility testing, etc., or we can perform automated API, GUI and HTML testing on a base parser.
QA testing technologies we employ Python 2.x - 3.x, Java, Ruby