About Us

Since 2015, Qwerty.Software has grown from a small team of IT enthusiasts into an international software development company with a workforce of 80+ IT experts and counting.
  • Development centers:
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
  • Headquarters:
    Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Clients

How it works

dedicated teams
We will form a dedicated team to work on your project. The experts will devote all their time and expertise to satisfy your needs
Giving you
the upper hand
As long as the team works on your project, you get to guide and evaluate their progress in real time
Over the years, we have established the most efficient development process, which entails clear division of responsibilities, seamless development cycle, flawless quality assurance, and straightforward communication
Automated testing guarantees your application’s smooth operation and reduces the downtime to a minimum in case of unpredictable issues arising after maintenance or updates
We adhere to the agile development principles that ensure quick and satisfying results, so we welcome your ideas and requests at any stage of development
We won’t be stumped in the face of the most complicated problems and will tackle them using our innovative fervor and years of experience
All of our developers are independent experts, but when we work together, our combined experience can conquer any challenges that come our way
Increasing skills
We constantly monitor and discover new programming languages, frameworks, and platforms, sharpening our technical skills one project at a time