Custom CRM for the
Writing Marketplace

CRM is the biggest part of the whole writing services system.
It provides tools for hundreds of support agents that are
available 24/7 to assist the writing services’ clients.

Tasks and

After 2+ years, the CRM became so massive, that it took up to four months for a new agent to get acquainted with all its features. To shorten the onboarding time, we created the task feed. This innovative tool cut the onboarding time from 4 months to under 2 weeks. New support agents work on the most prioritized task while the system provides instructions.

We had to develop a custom Shift Scheduling tool to enable managers to control shifts and track support agents’ activities. The smart notes system provides painless shift change for support agents. The moment John signs off, Michael picks up the slack. The transition is seamless and invisible for the clients.

Positive motivation breeds high productivity and customer satisfaction. We developed a flexible bonus system that tracks personnel results and automatically suggests fair rewards for support agents and their managers.


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