Our Cases

Ciba Health flag
Ciba Health integrates a precision medicine approach with modern technology remotely. Delivering a personalized healthcare experience that treats, reverses, and prevents chronic conditions.
Writing services flag
Since 2015 we have developed several successful educational writing services together with freelance marketplaces and a complex CRM. Our client had a simple idea in mind - to build a reliable tool for understanding students' needs and providing a top-quality paper within the deadline.
Custom CRM for the Writing Marketplace flag
CRM is the biggest part of the whole writing services system. It provides tools for hundreds of support agents that are available 24/7 to assist the writing services’ clients.
Pharmacy of Internet Prices flag
Mobile app developed for a pharmacy store network with 80+ pharmacy stores in Ukraine. The app supplies not only search for medicines but allows to make online orders in pharmacy stores nearby, participate in loyalty ...
Solana nodes validation flag
One of the newest areas our company operate in is blockchain nodes validation. Node validators create and check blocks that are being added to the chain, lock tokens under their smart-contracts, constantly monitor and ensure uninterrupted operation of hardware. Thanks to our many years expertise in building complex server infrastructure of all kinds we find it really exciting to be able to help new blockchain projects grow and evolve
Velas nodes validation flag
We are proud to become validators for Velas - an open-sourced blockchain ecosystem of services and products, aiming to combine best qualities of both centralized and decentralized solutions.
Eurozoo market flag
Cross-platform mobile app for a Ukraine-wide pet store chain with over 6,000 pet products. The stand-out features include quick product search, user-friendly navigation, and easy checkout.
NovaAdNet - Private Ad Network flag
NovaAdNet provides a high-quality selection of verified CTV inventory, catering to ad demands with superior-quality ad traffic. By ensuring brand safety and employing rigorous anti-fraud measures, our case studies demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling client requirements with precision and integrity. We ensure that each campaign not only reaches its intended audience but does so within a secure and trusted environment, fostering impactful brand connections.

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